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Upcoming Pricing adjustments June 1st 2023

  • 1st April 2023
Pricing adjustments effective date: June 1st 2023 Over the past 10 years our power, software licenses & the IPv4 exhaustion has become a reality. Prices have continued to rise for everything, reaching an average of $50 per IP address in 2022 and our software costs have increased over 200% from two years ago in part to cPanel and other vendors ...
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Autopay Service update

  • 5th November 2020
Date:  November 5th 2020   As of today we have upgraded our billing system to maintain pci compliance and to offer the latest and products and services.  Unfortunately we had switch software venders for our PayPal Billing agreement system.  So if you autopay with PayPal,  on your next invoice all clients will have to reset the agreement ...
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Service Update March 13 2020

  • 13th March 2020
Dear Customer, As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, I would like to update you on the steps we have taken at CheapWeb to ensure customer and employee safety while living up to our promise of delivering reliable services. We have implemented specific steps, as outlined below, to ensure CheapWeb data centers will be in continuous ...
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End of life notice for SquirrelMail

  • 23rd September 2018
For all Cheap Web Hosting customers, with the up and coming release of cPanel version  76,   "We’re wrapping up the development work for version 76, and the SquirrelMail removal is going full steam ahead! As planned, in version 76 we removed SquirrelMail entirely for new installations. Existing servers can still use SquirrelMail as usual, ...
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