cPanel Security policies updated February 16 2015

  • Monday, 16th February, 2015
  • 23:48pm

As of February 16 2015

We would like to introduce to you a new security feature on all of our cPanel servers with implementing account IP address verification.

When you attempt to log into cPanel the next time, you'll be asked to create/select four questions and answers, after successfully creating them, cPanel will automatically add the current IP address to your account list of verified IP addresses that allowed to log in.

When you attempt to log in from an unverified IP address, cPanel will ask you to answer one of the following security questions and if successfully in answering one of them, cPanel will automatically adds the current session IP address to the list of verified IP addresses.

To adjust the white list, please use the Security policy in cPanel to edit questions or IPaddress list used to protect your account.

This feature was enabled to protect your account if your account credentials becomes compromised.

If you have any questions about this feature please open a support ticket to address your questions or concerns.

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