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End of life notice for SquirrelMail

  • Sunday, 23rd September, 2018
  • 21:33pm

For all Cheap Web Hosting customers, with the up and coming release of cPanel version  76,

  "We’re wrapping up the development work for version 76, and the SquirrelMail removal is going full steam ahead!

As planned, in version 76 we removed SquirrelMail entirely for new installations. Existing servers can still use SquirrelMail as usual, but you won’t see the Tweak Setting for it. We’ll remove it entirely for existing servers in version 78.

If you need more information, check out our Deprecation Plan for up-to-date details."

You read more about it here from cPanel.


Thank you  SquirrelMail team for all the work that was put into this project over the years.

CheapWeb Support Team!



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