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Customer service upgrades Fall 2017

  • 19th October 2017
We have currently updated our store to provide browser notifications directly to you. We will Notify you instantly with browser notifications!To let you know instantly for new invoices, refunds, payment reminders, support ticket replies, aswell as client notifications for when an account is edited, password is changed or when a login is ...
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Web service update notice for 09/25/2015

  • 27th August 2015
 Dear Customers, You are receiving this notice because you are subscribed to one of our hosting packages with us. As of September 30, 2015, we will be disabling SSL3 protocol from all services due to the Poodle exploit and many other security flaws found in SSL3, we have given enough time for our clients to upgrade and switch to TLS in the ...
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New Globalsign Requirements

  • 26th February 2015
IMPORTANT REMINDER REGARDING UPCOMING BASELINE REQUIREMENTS  Dear Customers, This is a reminder regarding the upcoming Baseline Requirement restricting certificate validity to 39 months for Globalsign certificates. As stated by Globalsign, no later than April 1, 2015 certificates must be limited to a maximum validity of 39 months. Please ...
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cPanel Security policies updated February 16 2015

  • 16th February 2015
As of February 16 2015 We would like to introduce to you a new security feature on all of our cPanel servers with implementing account IP address verification. When you attempt to log into cPanel the next time, you'll be asked to create/select four questions and answers, after successfully creating them, cPanel will automatically add the current ...
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