How to add DS record to the Registrar?

First things first, signing records is rather easy,   that's because we will do it within a few minutes of opening a support ticket here

We will provide a key tag & Digest key for you to submit to your registrar. If we host your domain anme, we will do this 

For example in the DS record shown below:        IN DS 39152 5 1 0C1615B3C20D36C0EF3272A25CA0469AD929C312

Key Tag = 39152
Algorithm = 8 (RSA/SHA256)
Digest type = 2 (1 is for SHA-1) [For SHA-256 this will be 2]
Digest = 6695CD1AEBDCFD2E0530361234564E67F9D4202BBE34FD719B8EB97F 3B12345F

You'll need the KSK key-signing (39152) & zsk zone-signing keys (6695CD1AEBDCFD2E0530361234564E67F9D4202BBE34FD719B8EB97F 3B12345F)  and get them from our support ticket and submit them your registrar. and everything should be in place as soon as your registrar adds them. 

If you purchased or transfered it your domain name to us,  and would like to activate DNSSEC on your domain name, the just create a support ticket and we will handle the rest and should be up and ready within minutes. 

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